pile it on

My plate is full. Heaping. Almost cracked from the weight of it all. I run my own business. I’m taking more web development classes at MCAD. The summer labor of beekeeping and gardening is gearing up. We’re building a house – which, as it turns out, is not as “fun” and “exciting” as people tend to elude to. It might be fun and exciting after you move in, but truthfully, the process is a beast. There are a million, petty, time consuming details – and we’re not even the one’s swinging hammers. Sometimes that seems like the easy part.
lemon cake
Because I clearly don’t have enough going on, I decided to pile on a little more. It’s an idea I’ve flirted with for years. Meet Bayfield’s newest baker! That’s right, I’ve picked up a couple of morning baking shifts at my local cafe and coffee roasters. And I LOVE it. It is so different than all of my other work. It’s like the joy of home baking times ten. Everything is magnified – the equipment, the quantities of butter, the joy I get from making something for someone else. It’s all super-sized. Have you ever melted a stock pot full of marshmallows? You should. It’s really something.
Maybe the thrill will wear off, but I doubt it. So far I smile every time flour or pecans come unexpectedly spilling out of my pant cuffs. I feel lucky to be doing something I truly enjoy. It’s a great feeling. The timing isn’t perfect, but that’s okay. I’ll just nudge things around a bit to make room on my plate. Even if it means I have to plant the entire garden to sweet peas and basil. Worse things have happened.
spring garlic crop
But I must confess that I haven’t been doing much of anything to brag about in the kitchen lately. Meals have been quick and simple. I’ve practically been living off of Ashley’s lovely avocado salad – tossed with swiss chard and served over couscous. And it seems that when I do have a spare minute in the kitchen, it’s been spent turning out something sweet for the construction crew. I want those boys happy! But between that and the cafe, I’ve pretty much been on a baking bender.
Life will balance out though. It always does. The semester is nearly over. My design work typically slows down in the summer. And the house is damn near finished. I have no doubt I’ll get the garden in eventually. Because I’m already looking forward to a summer’s worth of cooking in a brand new kitchen. Now that, sounds “fun” and “exciting.” I can hardly wait.

3 Responses to “pile it on”

  1. 1 Cari Templeton April 29, 2012 at 10:07 pm

    I agree! It is not the process of building that is much fun it is the finished product. There are a few fun jobs like paint colors, tile design, and the basic layout which I enjoyed but mostly it felt like a foot race. Keep the faith! It will be fabulous when you can move in!

  2. 3 Ella Thayer May 3, 2012 at 2:59 pm

    Hi Jill, I’m looking for a good recipe for peanut butter cookies. Do you have one to give me? Wish I had your email address.

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